Speaker Biography

Ali Ilter Akdag

Mr. Ali Ilter Akdag pursuing his Ph.D. from Jamia Hamdard University. His research areas are molecular virology and vaccinology. He works on acute gastroenteritis viruses, like rotavirus, adenovirus, astrovirus, norovirus, and sapovirus. He has completed MSc(Zoology) from Osmania University 2013-2015 in Hyderabad, India.He accomplished with many Certificates and Awards for his active participations in  national and international conferences.


Background: This (rotavirus, astrovirus, and adenovirus) viruses are responsible for diarrhea in children, basically those have near about <5 years old. Detection of the entire virus is crucially important to the development of the effective cure. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of common these viruses in children <5 years old presented with diarrhea to the from Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Medical College (LLRM) centre(Meerut) North India, India

Methods: Total 312 fecal samples were collected from diarrheal children duration 3 years: in year 2014 (n = 118), 2015 (n = 128) and 2016 (n = 66) ,<5 years of age who presented with acute diarrhea at the Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Medical College (LLRM) centre(Meerut) North India, India. All samples were the first detection by EIA/RT-PCR for rotaviruses, adenovirus and astrovirus. Results: In 312 samples from children with acute diarrhea in sample viral agent was found, rotavirus A was the most frequent virus identified (57 cases; 18.2%), followed by Astrovirus in 28 cases (8.9%), adenovirus in 21 cases (6.7%). Mixed infections were found in 14 cases, all of which presented with acute diarrhea (14/312; 4.48%). Conclusions: These viruses are a major cause of diarrhea in children <5 years old in North India. Rotavirus A is the most common etiological agent, follow by astrovirus. This surveillance is important to vaccine development of the entire population.